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Do you love stationery, cases, notepads, art prints, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Blogging, Social Media and PR? Do you love to take selfies of your favourite goodies? Yes? Well… Then we want you! It's simple! By being a promoter for MY Sweet Invitation, not only will you be helping us get noticed but you will be earning yourself free stuff!

How it works:

After submitting in an application, if we decide we want you as a promoter then we will email you within 7 working days. We will then set up your chosen discount code and also, you will receive your mystery freebies products to start your promotion. Although we will send you photos taken by MSI Team to use, we'll ask you to continue to post edits/photos taken by you using your freebies linking back to our store, with your discount code captioned underneath. After monitoring your traffic and the number of times your discount code has been used, we will appropriately send you more mystery freebies & items for review! If your code is not used within 30 days, it will automatically be deleted from the system. The use of social media sites is the best way to promote us. You can be a promoter worldwide, it doesn't matter that we are in the Greece. You can be wherever...


- Social Media active user (own at least Instagram & Facebook account).
- Similar style of posts.
- Frequent posts (3-4 weekly photos at least).
- Able to notify followers on store updates/events when requested.

What you have to do:

1.  Please make a small introductory post for yourself.
2.  Briefly describe our store, brand, style and products (not required).
3.  Fill out the form below and send it to:career@mysweetinvitation.com, with the subject "Promoter".

- Full Name:
- Age:
- Country:
- Screenshot of Social Media followers:
- Do you have other social networking platforms?
- Do you have blog platform?
- Why you would like to be sponsored?
- Why we should pick you?

4.  Follow our social media & Subscribe to our mailing list..
5.  Choose a discount code, which will give a 15% discount to your followers. (eg. "cecui15")
6.  Tag yourself (or other people interested) in our “Promoters” post on Instagram and also, you can comment on the post and give us 2 reasons why we
     should select you to join our MSI promoter family (not required).

Important: Check that your profile isn’t private but public.

Useful Tips to get maximum results:

- Make it look as less sponsored or advertised as possible. The best results have been from users submitting photos on their socials of themselves using our

- Be persistent, one single post to your social media account is not necessarily going to work.
- You can send your custom link to email contacts, social media contacts or hosted on your blog/website.
- You can use our images from our social media accounts to include with your link if sharing across your socials/website.

This is an unpaid role and we only offer promo codes and mystery freebies & items from our store in exchange for photos of promoters using our products and tagging our profile pages + website in their posts.

We are looking forward to hearing from all of you soon!

MSI Team

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