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My Sweet Invitation's Customization Process begins with some information and a conversation – pretty simple, right?! Take a moment to write a couple of the following things into our "Message" field, send your email and one of our Professionals Designers will get back to you within 3 business days!

We will suggest an e-mail chat (or even a phone chat if it’s needed) to discuss all of your ideas, explain you our Custom Design Process and answer any questions you may have.

  1. Fill in your Personal Details and the Date of your event.
  2. Fill in your "Message" including the following information:
    • What is the setting of your event (location, reception, etc.)?
    • Please provide some details about your event (what is about, color choices, special themes, any preferable design ideas, etc.) Feel free to elaborate, the more info the better!
    • Is there any design in our e-Shop that you especially enjoyed? When answering keep in mind that artwork choice or paper and ribbon color can be changed.
    • Are there any design details that you DON’T especially enjoy?
    • Have you something more specific on your mind? If yes, let us know.
  3. If any photo, sample, design, logo, monogram, etc. is relevant and available, feel free to attach it!
  4. Submit "Send Message".

And… Done! That’s our simple and easy Customization Contact Process.

In any case that you will not see our answer within 3 Business Days as our email might not be shown in your inbox, please do first check your spam or even deleted e-mails and then contact us immediately.

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