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We print our designs on a variety of Luxury European Papers to give a unique touch in your stationery. Our priority is the outcome of our work to express you in personal.

Aquarelle Art Paper

Italian paper defines MY Sweet Invitation. Its texture adds a high quality shagreen finish to our Illustrations.
250 gr. - 100% White and Cream Base.

Matted Paper

Our Matted Paper adds a perfect flat touch and gives to our designs and illustrations a more natural tone.
100 gr., 160 gr., 200 gr., 250 gr., 300 gr. - White & Cream Base.

Illustration Paper

Layered with films adds a photo coated finish to our designs with an extra glossy tone on its texture.
130 gr., 250 gr., 300 gr. - White Base

Pearlescent Paper

Its pearlescent texture adds a subtle shimmer finish and gives a pearl tone to our Art Invitations and designs.
250 gr - White, Cream & Silver Pearlescent.

Wrought Paper

Luxe texture adds a unique wrought finish to our designs.
230 gr. - 100% White Base.


A wide variety of envelopes is selected to complete the quality we offer with our Art Invitation and Cards.
220 gr., 250 gr., 280 gr. - Variety of Colors.

Luxury Boxes

A fine variety of boxes in different colors and patterns are selected to add an extra close of luxurity. Dimensions: 18,5cm X 13,5cm X 2cm - Variety of Colors.

Because We Are All Responsible!

Social and Corporate Responsibility is an important part of our longtime strategy and emerge from the responsibility towards citizens of our society. In the context of the environmental sensitivity, we recycle everything recyclable; from the last wastage of papers up to mechanical parts of technical equipment. Our aim is to offer in society, in consumer awareness and to build a strong relationship of mutual trust with the general public.

Additional Types Of Paper Stock

We use a variety of paper stock depending on the product we have to print each time. But also, we are able to offer you any different type of paper stock that you may wish. The only think you have to do is to contact us or send us just an e-mail and we will be more than happy to help you.