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Founded in 2006 by Mrs. Sofia Choriatelli, MY Sweet Invitation is a small business in the Digital Printing Industry as well as being the only business in Greece since then that uses exclusively the Hand-Drawn Illustration to create high quality and luxury Art Invitations as much as Custom Design.

Our name was adopted from the feeling that a high quality Art Invitation causes to its recipient. However, we also provide a variety of printable decorative products and designs such as banners, placemats, canvas (frames), cards, etc. concerning the world of event planning, creations and stationery.

We bring 20 years of experience on Sales, excellent Customer Service, Design and Digital Printing.We have tried to “convey” this longtime experience of Customer Service to you through our Online Storeand we want to make everything easy for you wherever you live and whatever you’re into.

That means we’ll always be on the lookout for new ideas, up-and-coming designers who are just starting their careers and innovative ways of making something unique, personal and beautiful.

And we promise… We’ll always make it easy.

MY Sweet Invitation