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The Philosophy & our Team Spirit

When, MY Sweet Invitation started its operation in 2006 there was only… one member! Now we are little larger with our offices located in downtown Athens, Greece. We have evolved through years BUT we still believe in the same things as we did from our early start:

  • - Design is a part of our DNA
  • - Good Job! – but get improved
  • - Definitely play nice
  • - Act smart

Every person in our small team is friendly and ambitious. We also aim to be professionals, honest and openminded. We act with integrity and that’s why we are able to reach our goals. Also, we are perfectionists and always think there’s room for improvement. But more than that, we prefer people to question the norm and always look for better ways to do things. We are sociable and we get involved with everything! Talent and passion are what we are looking for in our people.

We love what we do and we like people who’re excited to come to work every day. Often, we need to take some really smart risks and by saying smart we tend to support that intelligence is more than just being book-smart. We try to learn from every single challenge and even if we will be asked to do tasks that aren’t part of our existing skill set, we will try to step out of our comfort zone and work on it as a team.

Learning how our products make a difference in the lives of our customers really makes it all worthwhile.


Current Opportunities

If you think that you can fit in, you can view and apply for our current opportunities.