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I am a Germany based Spanish illustrator. I draw for agencies, publishing houses and home décor in different illustration fields but my heart burns for fashion and style illustration.

As a child I used to draw only dresses and models. My architecture studies brought me the drawing skills that I then refined through fashion illustration courses. The women and clothing I see in films and magazines are my main inspiration.

The strength and clarity of ink and the subtleness of water colours are my favourite materials but I like to try others like markers or digital media.

When I need to feed my hungry eyes I come back to the classics: René Gruau and Lora Lamm are at the top of my list. Among the contemporary illustrators I admire Garance Doré and Meagan Morrison for their style and the way they have conquered the internet and the social platforms, as well as David Downton and Tina Berning for the emotion they transmit with their drawings.

Sincerely I don´t consider having an own style: I approach every new drawing with the materials and techniques that I consider appropriate for the motif, the use or my current mood, all this resulting in different styles. But I hear from others (with pleasure!) that they recognise my hand in all my illustrations. I guess one common factor is the feminine themes.

The current collection for My Sweet Invitation is fruit of the time I dedicate, when the jobs for my clients are finished, to fantasize and draw around the themes of women and fashion. This passion being the result of having spent my childhood among women who would sew every afternoon (my grandma used to sew for Balenciaga at his first atelier in San Sebastián!) and admiring the fashion magazines lying around the kitchen.

You can find Virginia & learn more on: www.virginiaromo.com   |  Instagram: @virginiar0m0  |  Facebook: Virginia Romo Illustration