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Oh… Spring!

It’s this time of the year which carries the magic of new beginnings, we all feel the new energy spread in the air and want to get into the outdoor spirit asap, don’t we? The flowers are blooming, the sun is finally out (even in Greece!) and it's the perfect time to bring a little nature into our homes and outfits. 

This season includes our 3 favorite – all time – floral months. During March, April & May everything is changing and the colors – oh, THE colors! – become so rich and beautiful. There is a huge variety of shades in spring’s color palettes, designs become brighter, patterns such as stripes, polka dots, flowers, etc. are more astonishing than ever and as much as we all love having fresh blooms in our vases, it’s also always fun to have something refreshing in our homes & offices as well.

Our wardrobe may match the sunshine, but our office supplies & home accessories too often stay in a rainy state and Sweeties, it’s time to change that. But how can we display these natural beauties with something special that will remind us the spring season?


It's the perfect time to make some changes with beautiful floral things like Art Prints, Personalized Notepads, Notebooks and Phone Cases with beautiful and spectacular colors. There is nothing more inspiring than having your own personalized designs with floral and stylish illustrations.

Special art prints full with flowers, colors and beautiful illustrations with quotes is one of our favorite thing when it comes to décor.

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The truth is that we are not always in good mood either in work or in our daily routine but there is something that we can try to change about it... Just imagine of having an Art Print like this with an amazing and so motivational quote… ''You are so special''. In a few moments you will feel better and nothing will bring you down during your day.

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“Spring is the time of plans and projects'' and there is nothing better than offering or owning a Personalized Notepad, Notebook, Phone Case or maybe an Exclusive Kit with inspiring quotes. ''Let your creativity blossom in this floral notebook and feel the spring mood''.

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There's so much to love about this cheerful gift and you can be sure it will be appreciated. Write down your thoughts in them and make your office supplies more stylish and inspiring than ever.

In the end all that matters is our mood and those little things can make us feel special. So why not to try to change our lives and make them more colourful?

Life is more beautiful with flowers... La vie est tres belle!! 

 Photo Credits | Sissy Kyriakou

Till' next time, enjoy your day! :)



 Photo Credits | MSI Team | Eleanna Giannopoulou | Marina Katsari

 Photo Credits | MSI Team

 Photo Credits | Marianna Kilimtsidou