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Baby Girls Gift Card

Product code: BGG 9963.5

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Send to your friends a Gift Card! Perfect for birthdays, holidays and special occasions!

Exclusive Design Series by MY Sweet Invitation


Select one of our designs and your desired amount (between 20 € - 200 €) and ship your gift directly to the recipient (personal message can be included, too) within  3 days of your order or on a specified delivery date. 

Customization Options:
• Digital Printing
• Expiration Date: 1 year
• Created in Greece

Each Gift Card includes envelope and a greeting card printed on the backside where we can print your message with your name on or you can make your own personal handwritten notes!

Change in the design/illustrations is not possible.

9 cm x 5 cm (3.5'' x 1.95'') - Gift Card
14.5 cm x 10.5 cm (5.7'' x 4.1'') - Greeting Card

Need Help? Interested for a larger quantity? In case you need any further clarification, Please email us for more details.