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Get Advertised with MY Sweet Invitation

MY Sweet Invitation is the only business in Greece since 2006 that uses exclusively Hand Drawn Illustration to design its luxury Art Invitations.

However, we are happy to display professionals and international talented designers with excellent work as we are showing only those that we particularly like their style and are really passionate about their work! We are mostly focusing on attracting professionals that are inspired and looking for modern ideas and products. So, if you are an event vendor, MY Sweet Invitation will be the best advertising choice as well as having its online presence on the Internet and Social Media since 2012.

Fill the form below or send us an e-mail to begin the process of Advertising your Business. We will be more than happy to contact you within 3 business days to talk to you about the various advertising options we offer and find the perfect fit for you.


  • Let us know a bit more about your ideal advertising and promotion or ask any questions, so we can get back to you and begin you placement on MY Sweet Invitation sooner :)

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